About Roy McCalister Jr.


Campaign Principles

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Thought Leader

McCalister Jr. brings innovative programming and community initiatives to District 2 that advances the quality of living for everyone, from our newly born residents to our seniors.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Facilitating community partnerships and collaborations to help provide District 2 residents with direct access to the COVID-19 vaccination.


In 2017, I campaigned on a 10-platform agenda. The success of those agendas, working with and for the people, I gained the confidence and the endorsement to move forward and serve 4 more years by the following:

My Staff and I want to continue engaging, serving you, and building on the progress we have made, providing opportunities, development, sustainability for the enhancement of your quality of life. l ask for your Absentee Vote, and Your Vote on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.Re-elect ROY McCALISTER, Jr., YOUR DETROIT CITY COUNCILMAN, DISTRICT 2.Pledge your financial contribution go to ACTBLUE.COM, type in Roy McCalister, Jr.

Current Program

About Roy McCalister Jr.

McCalister Jr’s professional experience includes working as an investigator and legal aid for the Federal Defender Office, a lieutenant detective for the Detroit Police Department, and commanding officer of the Detroit Police Homicide Section. He served in the United States Army and Reserves as a chief warrant officer IV/special agent. McCalister Jr and his wife Polly have two children. McCalister Jr has served as a deacon at Cedar Christian Church in Detroit.


McCalister Jr. is a person who can achieve peaceful resolutions and facilitate impactful discussion.


Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.

Stand Together


Here is a list of some of Roy McCalister Jr achievements.

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